Beautiful Moments | Matt and Sandra gibbs, The Lawn, Rochford, Essex.

Matt and Sandra gibbs, The Lawn, Rochford, Essex.

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The Lawn, Rochford. I was recommended to Sandra and Matt by Sandra’s daughter Sarah, whom I know through her boyfriend Rob. They planned a nice intimate day with the closest of their friends and family including one couple who flew over from America! All week we had great weather but in typical British style, the heavens opened up all of the wedding day! We weren’t phased however, we carried on regardless and judging by all the smiles and laughs, I don’t think anyone minded at all. The venue was perfect for what Sandra and Matt had planned, it had a nice little room for the ceremony and a lovely room with a huge table for the dinner. Everyone fit round the table and it was almost like an extra special family dinner. Upstairs there was a nice bright room for the bride and her bridesmaid to get themselves ready! Sandra looked stunning in a white, ankle length dress with pink detailing and a lovely pair of white heels, she must have known she looked the part as she oozed confidence all day! The only time I saw her falter was when she didn’t think she would get time to grab a coffee! I stepped up and made her one, I know how it feels to need a cup!
Downstairs Matt was keeping himself steady with a glass of Malibu and Coke, he looked very dapper in his 3 piece suit and was patiently waiting for the guests to arrive through the rain. He didn’t have to wait long though as the guests arrived almost all at the same time. There were handshakes and hugs and kisses from all before everyone settled in for drinks and a chat.
Before long the wedding ceremony started and a nervous looking Matt and his smiling guests took his place by the red carpet. First to come down the isle was Sandra’s son and his little boy, followed by her daughter and then Sandra herself. Matthew tried hard to cover up his happy smile as he saw her take her place next to him but i caught it on camera. As usual the ceremony flew by with all the lovely words, vows, ring exchange and the kisses!
Then the newlyweds took off into the lounge for some drinks and a catch-up before a nice big dinner.
We got some group photos inside and attempted some outside too but it was cold and wet so we rushed out and then back in!
Later on the rain slowed a little and we got some great pictures with the brolly’s and some off camera flash. Before I left we also got some good spotlighted pictures on the stairs in the venue. All in all, a lovely intimate day with a great family.



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