Beautiful Moments | Gary and Helen Clark. Sidcup registry office and STC club

Gary and Helen Clark. Sidcup registry office and STC club

November 20, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

On a very warm day in Sidcup, Gary and Helen got married. it was a really fun family day and you could feel how close knit they all were, myself and my assistant Hayley had a lovely time capturing all of the happy moments.

Our day started off In the Sidcup Premier Inn where Helen and her girls (and Dad) were all getting ready.


The lights in the room were perfect for a little bit of sparkle when it got to the shoes, dress and pretty ring


once her girls had got Helen all ready to go, we head off to the registry office to catch up with Gary and his boys

soon Gary had to get inside with his groomsmen as Helen was due any minute in her very glamorous white Limo!

For Gary, the next few minutes felt like hours but soon enough, the pretty bridesmaids and his beautiful bride had come down the aisle, Gary's face said it all


the ceremony was beautiful and before long, they were married! sealed with a kiss and exchange of rings, the new Mr and Mrs Clark were ready to walk outside as newlyweds


The boys wanted some reservoir dogs style pictures too so before the group shots, we had a little fun with that.



next came the confetti and bouquet toss! 


After all that excitement, it was off to the Sidcup STC club for a reception with a lovely big buffet! (thank you again for letting me indulge myself, you don't know how much that means!)


we then nipped off, while the party was in full swing to get a few portraits of Gary and Helen as newly married! the field made for some very romantic and airy photos



it was then back inside for cake cutting and first dance!


after that, i left these lovely people to finish their night off with their friends and family and have a great time celebrating the love between these two special people. its always such a lovely thing to know that you are recording true love.

Thank you again for the wonderful opportunity to photography such a lovely bunch and such a loving couple. I wish you all the best for years to come. 




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