Beautiful Moments | Brad and Evette, Langtons House Registry Office, Hornchurch and East Thurrock FC

Brad and Evette, Langtons House Registry Office, Hornchurch and East Thurrock FC

June 26, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Brad and Evette, what a lovely couple! We've met them before as Brad was the best man to one of my grooms last year. Brad and Evette have a long history together and its made them as close as could be. After a day with them and their family, you could tell closeness was just 'the norm' in this tight knit family.

The day started off for us at the hairdressers just down the road from Evettes mums house where Evette and Carla, her daughter, were getting their hair perfect for the big day ahead. 


then it was back to the house to start with the make up artistry. Evette's friend was the artist today and did a great job helping all the girls look their absolute best. although Lilly, Evette's youngest daughter, seems to be up and coming in that department too!

After noting the time that Evette was going to be putting her dress on, we then left the girls to finish off getting ready while we went down the road to Brad and Evettes house where the boys were getting ready and nursing 'slight' hangovers!

Noticing the time, we went back to see Evette and her girls as they were doing their final prep and getting their dresses on.
Evette had picked a stunning lace 'fit&flair' gown and she looked beautiful. Her two girls were wearing gorgeous bridesmaids dresses and Brads son Shane was looking very handsome in his little 3 piece suit.



Time flew by and before long it was the time we all needed to head off to the registry office and see this lovely couple get wed. Id like to say that Brad didnt look at all nervous.... but he did! 

After what im sure felt like an eternity, the bridal party started to walk in. Brads face lit up as he saw his kids all dressed up ready and even more so when his wife-to-be started down the aisle.


what commenced next was a lovely ceremony with lots of happy smiles, tears and joy. they concluded their vows by exchanging rings and then sealed it all with a kiss as the newly-wed Mr and Mrs Lewis.



After the beautiful wedding, we all head outside for some group shots by one of the ancient trees in the gardens.


After that it was the perfect time to shoot a few portraits of the happy couple, the gardens outside the venue are so pretty! These guys rocked it! 

We then headed off to the evening venue, Thurrock Football Club where the family had laid on a big party and a huge buffet for the couple, neither Brad nor Evette had seen any of it until they stepped foot in it that afternoon! I must just add, what an amazing cake!!

Soon it was time for the speeches (which brad had been dreading) and the couples first dance together. Id just like to say, they nailed it. All the speeches were as funny as they were moving and the first dance was beautiful. Well done guys :) 


Id just like to add that it was a joint celebration for Evette's Granddad who was 80, All the best! 

The night finished off with our photobooth entertaining the masses (mainly including Carla) 


As we had a long drive ahead of us that night (a christening in Cornwall the next day!) We packed up and left them at that point to get on with what ive been told was a night of epic proportions! 

What a lovely day with lots of happy family and friends, sunshine, laughter and more importantly, love.

Thank you Brad and Evette for letting us share this amazing day with you. We wish you the best, always.

Take care, 



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