Beautiful Moments | Nick and Vicki. The Rose and Crown Wedding Venue, Colchester.

Nick and Vicki. The Rose and Crown Wedding Venue, Colchester.

June 08, 2016  •  1 Comment

Nick and Vicki, where do I start!? What a lovely couple! With little William too, they make an amazingly loving family and after I spent the day photographing their wedding at The Rose and Crown, Colchester, I could tell why. They have grown up surrounded by such a friendly and adoring bunch of people! On the day of their wedding I was made to feel like part the family too!

For me, the day started off at Vicki's mums house where the beautiful Bride and her lovely bridesmaids were all getting ready, make-up, hair and beautiful dresses, not to mention the bacon sandwiches! Even William looked Dapper in his suit and adorable shoes.

Vicki then went upstairs to put her dress on, Vicki had travelled half way across England and found this dress not far from where Nicks parents lived. Its easy to see why she fell in love with it. She looked stunning. As she came back down the stairs, her girls all gasped and were all saying how beautiful she looked, once they had sorted her buttons out and given her a hand with her shoes, Vicki went to look in the mirror and her smile was huge as she saw herself, 'I look like a Princess!' she said excitedly.

After a little more time at the house, I head off to find Nick at the venue, He was looking very relaxed having a drink with his guys.
However, the time was getting on and Nick and his groomsmen went up to their room to get ready for 'zero-hour'. Nicks suit was a lovely vintage shade of green and his groomsmen were in a blue 3 piece.

While they were getting the final details sorted with their suits, I borrowed the rings and went for a wander around the venue. The Rose and Crown hadn't held anything back, it looked stunning and the details the couple had added just topped it off perfectly.

Before long, the time had come and Nick waited eagerly for Vicki to walk down the aisle accompanied by Canon in D by Pachabel, played beautifully on a full size Harp.. As soon as he saw her he was beaming from ear to ear, Vicki was the same, all smiles. These two are so in love the whole room felt it when they stood together. They were married in front of their loved ones in a beautiful service. They exchanged rings, kissed to seal the moment and exited hand in hand for the first time as a married couple.

After that everyone wanted to congratulate them both with hugs and handshakes all around. within minutes we had set up a confetti line and the newlyweds were totally doused in petals! Nick and Vicki loved it and were really taking the time to talk to everyone, everybody got a chance to say congratulations in person. I did notice they took a couple moments out to have some together time though! (highly recommended!)
we then took some group shots and then head back inside for the dinner and speeches, I even got unexpectedly treated to a delicious roast dinner too, Thank you!

After dinner everyone went back into the bar area so the Venue could prepare the room for the evening reception. Whilst the family were chatting happily, I stole first the Groom and his groomsmen, then the Bride and her bridesmaids away to get some photographs out the front of the magnificent venue. I then took the bride and groom away to get some nicely posed but natural photographs, to be honest, they made my job easy as they were just so willing to cuddle or gaze lovingly at each other!

Once back inside, everyone got to party mode, the drinks were flowing and the evening guests were beginning to turn up and get in the dancing mood too! After a little while, the two lovebirds were ready to cut the cake and get to dancing their first dance together.

Before long, the lovely couple had invited others on the dancefloor to share their song with them, the floor soon filled up with lots of people dancing and having fun.

Shortly after, i left them to carry on their party and I went away feeling starry eyed myself. This beautiful Bride and Handsome groom have a long and happy life ahead of them, the good thing about being in the wedding business is that sometimes, you just know ;)

Thank you and my best wishes and kindest regards for now and for the future.


It was a truly perfect day and you have captured it perfectly, I can not be more grateful of the beautiful pictures and the blog which caused me to well up a little to.

Thank you soo much
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