Beautiful Moments | Darren and Sarah, Gosfield Hall, Essex

Darren and Sarah, Gosfield Hall, Essex

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Myself and my assistant Hayley had the great pleasure of photographing the wedding of Darren and Sarah Burns at the Magnificent Gosfield Hall, These two met and fell in love while sharing their mutual love of airsoft. both of them still love it too :)

We drove up the main driveway and we were instantly hit with the beauty of the building in the full bright sunlight! After parking up we went in search of Sarah and Lisa (Darren's sister and Sarah's chief bridesmaid) we found them in the Princess room getting their hair and makeup done....


We then got hold of the rings, garter and Sarah's amazing custom made shoes and went on a walk around to find some lovely places to get some detail shots in the mansion. within seconds we had found a beautifully polished and highly reflective grand piano! (I do love a reflective surface...)


We then heard Darren and his Best man had arrived so we returned the items with a quick time check for when Sarah and Lisa were moving into the main bridal room (amazing, check out the pics further down the blog!) then we head downstairs to see Darren and his Best man who arrived in 2 rather clean and sporty cars...

Darren was sporting pretty cool waistcoat!

We then time-checked and went upstairs to see Sarah in the main Bridal Suite. What a stunning place with marble pillars and a 4 post bed, all so gorgeously decorated that the whole room gives off a rich golden hue. the light was streaming in through the windows too and we made lots of use of the beautiful natural light.  Sarah looked absolutely stunning in her white gown with jewelled detailing and her bridesmaids looked lovely in blue. They were a lovely sight to see.

In this room they have 2 mirrors set on opposite walls so you can create a tunnel which is really effective. we had great fun playing with it!

We then head downstairs to join Darren in moving through to the ceremony room, he was looking rather nervous although he assured me he wasn't, he then assured me he definitely wouldn't cry too.... 


Soon, or as Darren said 'Agggeeeesss' later, it was time for everyone to wait and watch as the bridesmaids entered and were shortly followed by Sarah and her step-dad.  


The ceremony was beautiful and these two said some lovely vows before they exchanged rings and sealed it all with a kiss. They then left the room as the new Mr and Mrs Burns! Congratulations!


Everyone then head downstairs to marvel at the cake and get some drinks in while waiting for the dinner! (check out those cake toppers!)


After a few drinks in the glorious sunshine, we all head inside to see what the lovely couple had chosen for dinner! We were very lucky and were being treated with dinner too! We had seats on the same table as their family and friends and even though we were working, we had some good chats, laughs and lovely food followed by some great speeches by the family! Best job ever!

Shortly after, when everyone was well and truly stuffed, they head on down into the library and bar area or outside to celebrate. the drinks got flowing once again and everyone was having a great time.  we took this opportunity to sneak Darren and Sarah off around the grounds for a few portrait shots, there were so many lovely places that it was easy to let the creativity flow, these guys are so close too, it really shows in the pictures...

We then all started to head back inside for the cake cutting and first dance... 

All said and done, we feel privileged to have spent the day in the company of two of the strongest, kindest and most caring people we know and their equally lovely family and friends. It was a lovely day and even meeting these guys for 5 minutes you can see the love they share is really special. they are totally themselves with each other and that is such a lovely thing to have. We wish them every happy prospect for the future, whatever that holds. Congratulations Mr and Mrs Burns!



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