Beautiful Moments | A little trip to Toulouse, France.

A little trip to Toulouse, France.

June 01, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

As a couple we love to take advantage of last minute deals on websites such as (other sites do the same I'm sure) and so when we have a weekend or a few days spare, we will see whats available and where we can explore!  This time we got the chance to fly to Toulouse in the South of France.  Two days and one night - setting off very early on Saturday morning!  I grabbed my camera and I was ready...although Hayley took a little longer and I was quickly reminded that I may need to get a change of clothes and a toothbrush...! I grabbed these too and then we were off!  The flight was only about 2 hours long and we were walking through the streets of Toulouse before 10 a.m!  It's a beautiful town with some amazing buildings and bridges that made for some awesome night time images.  During the day we visited a beautiful Japanese styled garden with lovely vivid red accents, the memorial to Joan d'ark (Joan of Ark), the massive square that was readying itself for a night of music and DJ sets, some gorgeous town roads with quaint little side roads off-shooting them, fountains and an impressively huge cathedral.
We then walked away from the centre and found the most picturesque canal with trees that framed it all in such a beautiful way.  We soon realised that we had been walking for miles and needed to refuel, so after a little break at the hotel, we went out and sampled one of Toulouse's many fancy bakeries - the french bread was delicious and like any British tourist, we also had to try a croissant and a traditional pain-au-chocolat.  Absolutely manifique!  We then took off on our heels to the bridges that we had seen earlier to get some night time, long exposure photos. 

We both can fully recommend Toulouse to anyone wanting to get out for a weekend to somewhere with culture, class and great food.  Not to mention all the photo ops!  



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