Beautiful Moments | James and Tina, married at Blake Hall Ongar Essex

James and Tina, married at Blake Hall Ongar Essex

July 05, 2017  •  1 Comment

As I've said before, we have taken a break from weddings this year and decided to spend a little time photographing for leisure, sorting things out and getting stuff straight for when the baby comes in September! (eek!) 

Whilst sorting though some of the files on my computer I came across this little gem in storage. I haven't blogged this up to now, no idea why, I was probably waiting for the perfect moment lol.

Sometimes, us photographers help each other out and hire each other to be a backup or, in this case, an assistant photographer. This can really be a huge help on a busy day, even if its just as a bit of moral support! It really helps with getting another angle on the guests day too.

Mid summer last year I assisted a photographer friend, Gemma Lawrence, with the wedding of this couple, James and Tina at Blake hall, Ongar, Essex. it was a gorgeous day and we were clicking away from dawn till dusk. the location was lovely, the venue itself was gorgeous and this beautiful couple rocked it! i wont go on and on about this wedding, even though i loved it! i know you just want to see some pictures really ;)

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Tina Munt(non-registered)
WOW just WOW I haven't seen these pictures or pictures from these angles before. It's really made me smile today. Thank you for everything you and Gemma done on our special day. You both were fab. Thank you and hope all is well :)
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