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Us! Plus one! Plus a bow!

August 18, 2017  •  1 Comment

So the other day we decided to have some fun and give baby her first official photo shoot! Ok, so you can't really see her herself but its pretty obvious where she is right now! With Hayley at 9 months pregnant, we know that our little present could be due any day!

I'm not one for being in front of the camera, I much prefer being behind it but this time I joined in and had my photo taken, hopefully when shes old enough, she might come across this post and see us. Hayley will always be beautiful but me... Well, at least she can see me looking scruffy and with 90% of my hair anyway!

So, we set up the camera on a timer, Hayley managed to get herself down onto the floor (no easy feat I'm sure you can imagine!) and then I ran back and forth using a timer on the camera. We will do another shoot when shes out in the open!





Auntie Mel(non-registered)
Love it! Love you. Hayley you look amazing. Can't wait for arrival news! xx
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