Beautiful Moments | Creative Faces Series - Madeline at Trendy Street

Creative Faces Series - Madeline at Trendy Street

February 25, 2018  •  1 Comment

In this series, ‘Creative Faces,’ we meet freelance/self-employed individuals from the local area, who use their talents to make the innovational products or services that you love!


This is Madeline, The owner and creator of Trendy Street.



Lets test your entrepreneurial intuition, what is the first question you think I’m going to ask you?


Hmm, what made me start this business? Well I’d always buy my daughter Annabelle hand made things from Instagram and I started to see the different qualities that were on the market. It was then I bought myself a sewing machine and taught myself how to sew! I wanted to make the best quality product I could.


Tell us about your business, what is it you do?


I make handmade baby and children’s clothing using lovely, soft, carefully selected fabrics.


Tell us about yourself, what kind of person are you?


I am a creative entrepreneur who keeps my mind actively thinking about progressing my business to the next level. I am a passionate, driven, focused, compassionate and determined person.


I know you have already just said a few descriptive words but, if you had to describe yourself in just 3 words, what would they be?


Creative, entrepreneurial and happy!


What was your driving force to become freelance?


Well I decided that I wanted to make sure I spent as much time with my family as I could and working from home helped that a lot! But I think I also wanted to make as much of myself rather then being limited. I didn’t want a salary, that was too constricting to my creativity. I wanted to earn what I’d actually earned!


How did you come up with your company name?


I like the word ‘Trendy’ and kids clothes don’t always have to be the epitome of cute or babyish. I think my brand shows we can make trends accessible for children, ones you cant find on the high street. You have to visit Trendy Street!


What makes you stand out from the crowd?


I like to choose unusual fabrics or source fabrics that are totally unique. I try to lead a trend rather than doggedly following them like so many others. I like to find the unusual and make the unexpected!


Are you looking for investment?


Simply, No


Describe a typical day for you?


Well I take the kids to nursery and then its back home to get started. I spend my first 3 hours cutting fabric and then I spend the next 3 hours sewing. After that I pick the kids back up and spend the early evening with them. Once they are in bed I sort out all my postage and packings and any admin that needs doing.

Who, if anyone, do you have as inspiration?


Business wise I got a lot of inspiration from my brother, he decided one day to give up the job he wasn’t enjoying and pursue his dream being self employed. He’s been so successful and he really helped me without even knowing it!

As for other clothing designers, I love the work of ‘Feather & Folk’, ‘Sew Unique’ and ‘Betsy Iris Boutique’. They are all online shops and I see them almost as inspirational work colleagues!


What is your greatest achievement?


I’d say its managing to be self employed with 2 young children and running my business from home as a mum which, as some of you know, that in itself is a full time job! I’m quite proud of hitting 14k followers on Instagram. Plus my work was recently copied by some naughty company in China, I’m currently getting that sorted but it did make me realise that I’d done well enough to get noticed all the way over there!


What is your favourite book or film?


Oh definitely ‘Bridesmaids’! So funny! I love the Hangover films too, I’m a fan of the comedies.


Tell us about your family and who is your greatest support?


Well I have 9 brothers and sisters including steps and halves, 5 of which are self employed too, it must be a family thing!

Shaun is my partner and my lovely kids are Annabelle, my sassy 2 year old and clothing model and my 2 month old little smiling boy Solomon, clothing model in training!

Shaun is my main supporter, he’s so helpful with mailing things and looking after the kids when I’m pushing an order through plus he puts up with letting me take over the house with fabrics!


Who are your main customers?


My main ones are basically anyone with kids or in families with kids! People find me on social media or word of mouth and they keep coming back!


Do you have a favourite quote?


I do, its: ‘If it doesn’t challenge you, it wont change you’.


What do you listen to while you are creating?


I usually have the radio on, its usually Radio 1 but sometimes I listen to Heart or even Kiss sometimes.


If you were stranded on a desert island, what 3 things would you want to have?


My family of course! But if its actual things you mean, it would have to be my phone, sunscreen and diet coke! I love that stuff.



If you were to write a book about yourself, what would you title it?


I would call it; ‘My Family In Stitches.’



How did you make your first sale?


Well I asked the people of Instagram if anyone would like to try my first run of testers for half the price they would be when on sale. They all got snatched up and were a great success, it really boosted my confidence in my work.


On that note, How do you conquer the moments of doubt that so often trip up the creative side of people working within this highly personal sector?


I like to think of something new, something to give myself an exciting project or different line of thinking. Oh and retail therapy, I buy so much fabric!


What is the main thing you want your clients to remember when they think about you?


I would love it if they remembered the quality of my work, my products and my unique prints that I work so hard to source.


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